Corporate Social Responsibility

Caring for the environment and people is essential to us, which is why we are involved in various CSR projects:

  • Since April 2021, we have been collaborating with UNICEF Spain as a partner SME. With this collaboration, enna supports the “Schools for Africa” programme, through which it fosters quality education and the enjoyment of a safe school environment for all children, with accessible, safe, clean and gender-separated toilets in schools. This ensures girls do not feel watched or self-conscious and can maintain good intimate hygiene. The programme, amongst other issues, is focused on combating many of the barriers faced by girls and adolescents in Guinea Bissau surrounding menstruation at school environment, aiming to prevent them from interrupting and/or abandoning their education, a common occurrence when they start getting their periods. The origin of this school absenteeism lies in the false myths and taboos surrounding menstruation, which is why it is essential that girls and adolescents have accurate and factual information on menstruation and intimate hygiene.

  • During 2020, we collaborated with the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer), donating €1 for every purchase from our enna product range.
  • Also, in 2020, during the global COVID-19 pandemic, we donated menstrual cups to different hospitals, helping healthcare professionals who have spent countless hours over the last year in PPE while caring for patients in ICUs.

  • We have donated cups to different social bodies, including the Rotary Club and Espai Ariadna i Pisos Gaia. We have provided these social bodies with menstrual cup training for their workshops.

We have donated cups to several NGOs:

  • Zerca y Lejos NGDO who took our cups for the girls in their children’s home in Bengbis (Cameroon).

  • Ramon Grosso who gave talks in Chad to girls and women about the cup and menstrual education.

And we will continue with this work because it fills us with enthusiasm and pride.