Corporate social responsability

At eCare You Innovation, we offer premium reusable products to protect people’s health and also the planet. We contribute directly to overcoming the throwaway culture as the main human commitment.

Caring for the environment and people is essential to us, which is why we are involved in various CSR projects.

Schools for Africa

Since April 2021, we have been collaborating with UNICEF Spain as a friendly SME. With this partnership, enna supports the “Schools for Africa” programme, which promotes quality education and a safe school environment for girls and boys, with accessible, safe, clean and gender-separated toilets in schools. In this way, girls do not feel watched or self-conscious and can have good intimate hygiene.

The programme, among other issues, is focused on combating many of the barriers faced by girls and adolescents in Guinea Bissau during menstruation days in the school environment and preventing them from interrupting and/or abandoning their education, a very frequent situation when their periods appear. The origin of this problem of school absenteeism lies in the false myths and taboos surrounding menstruation, so it is essential that girls and adolescents have accurate and truthful information about menstruation and intimate hygiene.

Asociación Española Contra el Cáncer (Spanish Association Against Cancer)

Through 2020, we are supporting the AECC by donating €1 for every purchase of our enna range of products.

They work to reduce the impact of cancer and improve people’s lives. They educate about health, support and accompany and encourage research.


Also in 2020 and in the framework of the global pandemic of COVID-19, we donated menstrual cups to different Hospitals helping all those health professionals who had and still have to spend many hours with PPE taking care of patients in ICUs.


Donations to social organizations

We have donated menstrual cups to different social organizations such as Rotary Club, Espai Ariadna i Pisos Gaia, Barcelona Red Cross, Luz Casanova Foundation and the EKARA therapeutic space. We have also provided them with training on the menstrual cup for the workshops given by these social organizations.


We have participated in Endofest 2022 (first edition), a music festival dedicated to raising funds for research into Endometriosis, the silenced female disease.

Donations to ONG'S

Took our cups to the girls in the children’s home they run in Bengbis (Cameroon).

They are a close network of volunteers from many countries, of all ethnicities and beliefs, working together for the dignity of people. They work side by side with the indigenous populations of the Cameroonian jungle for the recognition of their human rights, their access to health, drinking water and quality education. They also work with the coastal communities of the Peruvian Amazon for access to public policies, education, health and the fight against violence.

We organize talks for girls and women about the menstrual cup and menstrual education in Chad.

They help children with any type of disability, both intellectual and physical, and those who live at risk of social exclusion for any reason (religion, race, nationality…) all through sport.

Humanitarian aid for Zimbabwe.

They fund crucial food items for local families. The money was used to purchase basic necessities such as rice, cooking oil, cleaning products, textbooks and school shoes.

For its workshops and activities aimed at adolescents in situations of social exclusion.

ABD works to reduce inequalities and social and health vulnerability. It defends the rights of people in situations of social fragility.

NGO in Côte d’Ivoire that helps women to know their cycle and better manage their menstrual hygiene.

It works to empower young single mothers and improve the living conditions of women and children.

An NGO from Ivory Coast that helps women understand their menstrual cycle and manage their menstrual hygiene better.

It works to empower young single mothers and improve the living conditions of women and children.”

It is a responsible, healthy and sustainable tourism project in Senegal.

We also carry out actions in schools and colleges.
We provide physical and didactic material to those school health professionals and tutors so that sustainable menstruation reaches as many people as possible. In this way, we ensure that the new generations know more products for managing intimate hygiene (as well as their menstrual cycle) and not only the traditional single-use methods.

And we will continue with this work because it fills us with enthusiasm and pride.