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About us


Improve the health of every person who places their trust in us.


We help people to take care of their health and lead a stronger, more active, and healthier lifestyle. We do this by designing new medical devices and distributing exclusive products. We care about personal well-being and continually strive to help our users lead more active lives. Happiness starts with good health.


Innovation, development, teamwork, sustainability, caring for people.


eCareyou Inovation was founded in 2015 as a startup dedicated to the development of projects and products related to personal care, health and well-being that would later be distributed internationally by third parties.

We are number one in Spain, expanding all around Europe and America and going beyong…

We are committed to continuous development and sustainable operations,
working hand in hand with inventors, distributors, partners and associates.
At the core of eCareYou business is our dedication to excellence for:


Joan Garriga

Innovation & Design

More than 25 years working on the design of new products and complementary innovation. Investigates what products can maximize or complement the results of our star products and develop them.

Dolors López

Marketing & Communication

More than 30 years working in the strategic development of major brands. Responsible for getting our products to the consumer, identifying and communicating groundbreaking claims, with clinical evidence or proven results.

Emma Molera

Market research & Innovation

More than 30 years in the pharmaceutical sector in the areas of General management and sales leadership.Search for opportunities in the market and works in the development of new products.