At eCareYou we are aware that the world is changing at a dizzying pace. That’s why we are always attentive to market evolutions and people’s opinions. Based on these insights, we readapt existing products or create new ones from scratch, making sure they are of the highest quality to offer to women all over the world.

Patented applicator


The unique (patented) applicator on the market for quick, simple and practical insertion, especially for beginners to the menstrual cup system.

Our innovative applicator offers a unique solution, ensuring convenience and ease of use. It’s more practical, saving you time and minimizing contact with other surfaces, making it ideal for women who are apprehensive. It functions just like a tampon.

Patent Nº: 2011630904

Patented Easy Removal Technology

Easy removal technology

We went one step further and the cycle easy cup is the ultimate menstrual cup.

It incorporates EASY REMOVAL Technology for even easier removal by pulling directly on the balls of the stem and with a slit that allows you to break the vacuum without any effort. The most natural and modern evolution of safe, clean and sustainable menstrual hygiene. Perfect for easy removal and convenience.

Patent Nº: 20221070562

Patented Diamond Technology

Diamond Technology

We were among the first to introduce Diamond technology to the market for our medical device enna Pelvic Ball.

Its irregular diamond-shaped inner sphere makes it vibrate more intensely, colliding with the inner walls and causing the musculature to react involuntarily. Increasing blood circulation, muscle tone and lubrication.

It is a medical device designed in Spain with medical grade material. To prevent and treat the weakening of the pelvic floor.

Patent Nº: 201730926



A registered active ingredient renowned for its high regenerating and repairing properties for the vaginal mucosa. This innovative component is central to our exclusive formulation, which combines Carenna® with hyaluronic acid and lactic acid, all derived from vegan sources.

The Enna moisturizing gel is a 100% effective health product designed to combat vaginal dryness, composed of 98% natural ingredients. Powered by natural extracts, this gel offers superior care and comfort, ensuring optimal vaginal health.

Awarded as the most innovative product of the year 2023 in its category

Hygiene & Go Spray

It is an innovative solution that has been awarded product of the year 2023 in the intimate hygiene category in Spain and Portugal. Its practical design makes it an ideal companion to carry in your handbag, and its travel format makes it suitable even for carrying in the plane cabin.

In addition, its pleasant fragrance is due to the plant extracts it contains (lavender, chamomile, eucalyptus and aloe vera), which gives you a feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

This combination of natural ingredients not only helps to maintain effective intimate hygiene, but also leaves a comforting and revitalizing sensation after each use.

enna Fertility: our latest market launch

Developed exclusively to enhance fertility and increase the chances of pregnancy. Our balanced formula, applied topically with myo-inositol, a well-known principle always related to feminine fertility and being taken orally. Revolucionari ja que a l’anterior es via topica i el fet que incideixi tant en la part masculina vigoritzant l’esperma i la femenina adaptant el canal vaginal. revolutionizing the fertility field by addressing both male and female health.

Enna Fertility Gel

A formulation containing calcium, Myo-inositol and prebiotics to maximise sperm viability. també per preparar el canaal vaginal per ser 100% sperm-friendly. Contains no parabens or glycerins (que pot arribar a ser espermicida).

Patent No: 22382428

Enna Fertility cap

Class I medical device made of medical grade liquid silicone designed to aproximar l'esperma ja vigoritzat pel gel per aproximar al coll de l'úter.
enna fertility gel and semen into the cervix after intercourse. Its perfect design adapts to any vaginal wall, guaranteeing comfort and efficiency in use.

Patent No.: 202032303

Enna Fertility Gel

A new approach to fertility through its topical application, which allows for immediate action and also active and playful participation of the couple.

My-inositol: increases the number of motile sperm and improves the viscosity of cervical mucus to facilitate fertilization.

  Prebiotics (FOS): strengthen the vaginal microbiota, making it a favorable environment for conception and preventing dysbiosis.

Calcium ions: help to increase sperm motility.

  The gel provides an ideal vaginal pH (7-7.5) for sperm.

  It also provides an optimal salt concentration (osmolarity of 280-350 mOsm/ml).