international Distribution

At eCareYou Innovation we collaborate with multiple distributors, retailers, wholesalers, commercial partners, and online stores around the world. 

Our global network ensures that Enna’s innovative products are accessible to customers everywhere, providing quality and reliability across all markets.

Whether through a local store or an online platform, our products reach customers on every continent. By partnering with trusted entities around the world, we ensure that our innovative solutions are always within their reach, no matter where they live.

Interested in exploring the opportunity to distribute Enna products in your market?

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information. We are at your disposal to discuss the possibilities of collaboration with you.

We market EXCLUSIVE products with added value in the pharmaceutical channel at national and international level.

"Our international distribution network is constantly expanding"

National distribution

We market EXCLUSIVE products with added value nationally through the pharmaceutical and well-being channel.

The commercial team at eCareYou Innovation is composed of enthusiastic professionals from the pharmaceutical sector, dedicated to bringing high-quality products and services to pharmacies.

We collaborate with major international brands to market and distribute their exclusive self-care products, including co-brandings. 

We have established long-term agreements with both national and multinational companies to commercialize products of mutual interest, making us a specialized pharmaceutical company in promoting and selling prestigious brands in the pharmacy and parapharmacy channels.

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Commercial representatives

We have our own commercial team. Our staff is highly qualified and trained. We offer in-person visits to the main pharmacies nationwide, including the Balearic and Canary Islands.

We provide: