e-nn fever

E-nn Fever digital thermometer that allows:

  • Control the fluctuations during the day.
  • Show the patterns of the temperature.
  • Detect picks of fever.
  • Warns to parents when the temperature is very high.

Enn-fever is a digital thermometer that eliminates having to disturb a sick person,
comfortable, wearable, convenient, easy-to-use intelligent thermometer
that continuously monitors body temperature wirelessly.
High Precision: 35-38.5 ºC interval error ±0.05 ºC.

Easy to use and simple to setup:

  1. Insert the battery in the thermometer,
  2. Download the app for Android or IOS,
  3. Take the thermometer out of the box it automatically turns on, then you can start the connection,
  4. Place the device under the arm of a sick person with a patch or in a pocket of a special T-shirt.
  5. Start to monitoring the fever. E-nn fever measures temperature and sends data to a related unit, tablet or smartphone.